Jewish Interfaith, Intercultural, and Intersectional Engagements

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November 15, 2023
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American Academy of Religion-Western Region
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Jewish Interfaith, Intercultural, and Intersectional Engagements
Unit Chairs: Roberta Sabbath, University of Nevada
                     Alexander Marcus, University of Pennsylvania


This year, the Western Region conference of the American Academy of Religion is examining the role of religion, and religious studies, in responding to injustice and the destruction of life, human rights, and our global environment, inviting us to consider “the religious, spiritual, and comparative religious ways in which the human experience can forge a future as scholar-practitioners in the present times.” Scholars of Jewish Studies have much to contribute to these topics. Jewish history includes experiences of marginalization, isolation, displacement, martyrdom, and genocide. Yet Jewish life and traditions are also filled with life-affirming dynamics – expressed e.g. through art, scholarship, political participation, and religious expression. Intercultural, interreligious, and intersectional viewpoints have marked the history of Jews and Jewish tradition throughout the ages. Analysis of past interfaces, whether in action, text, or art, can inspire our reactions to present and future challenges.

  • How have Jews affected and been affected by national, cultural, or religious encounter?
  • How have Jews adapted to different historical, cultural, and religious moments?
  • What can the Jewish tradition share with others regarding violence and injustice, the destruction of natural and human environments, and issues of theology, spirituality, sociocultural difference, and inclusivity in contemporary life?

The Jewish Studies Unit of the AAR-WR welcomes papers responding to the above topics, from all disciplines pertaining to the study of Jews and Judaism.

The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2023. Submissions should be sent to the Jewish Studies chairs – Roberta Sabbath ( and Alexander Marcus ( – and should include an abstract of 250 words, a short bio as well as a Program Participant Form: