Media Archaeology and Art

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January 20, 2024
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MAST Journal
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Call For Submissions: MAST Journal Special Issue: Media Archaeology And Art


Deadline for full submissions: January 20th, 2024 (for publication in May 2024).


 Exploring the Intersections of Media Archaeology and Artistic Practice

Media archaeology investigates the historical and material aspects of media technologies, revealing forgotten or overlooked connections between past and present media practices. This special issue of MAST Journal invites submissions that explore the rich intersections of Media Archaeology and Art. This issue aims to foster critical discussions and innovative perspectives on how media archaeology and art converge and mutually inform one another. We are interested in contributions that investigate how media archaeology can illuminate the historical, theoretical, and practical dimensions of artistic practices and the ways in which art can contribute to the development of media archaeology as a field. We encourage submissions that delve into the following themes (but are not limited to):

  • Media Archaeology as Method/Methodology in Art: How can media archaeological approaches shed light on the history and practice of art, and vice versa? What methods or methodological innovations can be forged at the intersection of art and media archaeology?

  • Revisiting Media Histories through Art: How do contemporary artists engage with media archaeology to reflect on the history of media technologies? What artistic practices, methods, techniques and strategies enable us to reimagine the past and interrogate our media-saturated present?

  • Technological Re-appropriation: How do artists repurpose and re-appropriate obsolete or discarded media technologies in creative ways? What insights do these practices offer into the historical and cultural significance of these technologies?

  •  Media Archaeology in Art Education: How can media archaeology be integrated into art education and curricula? What pedagogical approaches can foster a deeper understanding of the historical dimensions of media and technology in artistic practice?

  • Materialities/Temporalities of Media: How do media artists use technologies of past and present to engage with temporal and/or material aspects of media that usually remain unseen and unexplored?

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations: What are the interdisciplinary approaches that can bridge the gap between media art practice and media archaeology (and other related fields)? How can creative collaboration across disciplines enrich our understanding of the intersections between art and media archaeology?

  • Archiving and Archival Art Practices: What are the challenges and opportunities of preserving and archiving media art? How can media archaeology inform archival art practices and vice versa?


We encourage submissions in the below categories:

  • Full papers (4000-6000 words)

  • Art-based submissions that include a short essay of 1,000-2,000 words composed around at least one historical or original media artwork. Authors are encouraged to include 3-4 images of the work (and if applicable, a link to the work in its entirety). Media art submissions may include (but are not limited to) media installations, sound art, video art, virtual/augmented/mixed reality projects, and web-based projects, among others.

Essays will be assessed based on originality and relevance to the scope of the journal and the themes above. Essays must be previously unpublished to be considered, and all copyrights for published images and artworks must be cleared by the publication date. All aspects of the submission (essay, images, link to the project, bio, contact info) should be included in one Word document file.

For formatting, style, and full submission guidelines, please visit Submission Guidelines.


Please send your submissions (and questions) to with the subject heading MEDIA ARCHAEOLOGY AND ART.


Important Dates:

- Deadline for submissions: January 20th, 2024
- Notification of acceptance/rejection: Feb 1st, 2024
- Peer review process: Feb - March 2024
- Resubmissions with revisions: April 2024
- Publication date: May 2024

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