Religion in the Global Age: The Irreplicable Human/-ities?

deadline for submissions: 
December 15, 2023
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International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture
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Religion in the Global Age

The Religion in the Global Age panel at the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture seeks papers that address the conference theme of "The Irreplacable Human/-ities?" within the framework of the analytic, scientific, or critical study of religion. In this panel, preference is given to papers focussed on comparative studies or on specific religions in the Global Age not otherwise represented by existing ISRLC panels. 

The ir/replicability of the human is a restatement of a much older question of human distinctiveness, in which the human stands in contrast to “nature” or “the natural”, and religion has played a key role in creating and maintaining the discursive separation between the two. With technological advances introducing “the mechanical”, the binary relationship between the human and the natural has been reconfigured. Religious responses to this reconfiguration have varied widely, and for the 2024 conference, we invite papers which consider this reconfiguration from any vantage point within the remit of ISRLC. We are particularly interested in papers which address:

  • religion and online culture, particularly with reference to
  1. religious subcultures which coalesce through social media
  2. inter-religious dialogue and/or dispute in the digital space
  3. conspiracy thinking 
  • pre-digital imaginations of the post-human 
  • approaches to or depictions of the relationship between “humanity” and “nature” which reach beyond the historical binary configuration

Queries and abstract proposals of no more than 350 words should be sent to Alana Vincent (Umeå University) at no later than 15 December 2023