Rogue Mobilities | English Graduate Conference at UMass-Amherst 2024

deadline for submissions: 
February 1, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
EGO, UMass-Amherst

Rogue Mobilities

At the United Nations General Assembly on 22nd September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed a map that erased Palestine from its imagined representation of apparent future peace in the Middle East. Recently, the news has declared the U.S. - Mexico border is “literally riddled with tunnels”, sketching an alternative and interconnected subterranean mapping of militarized geographies. Our 2024 Conference, Rogue Mobilities, invites engagements that speak to political crises and violences, conversations around access and maneuvers (real, imagined, and counter), and our navigation of technologies that facilitate movement and exchange – past, present, and future. Here, we think of “mobility” as spatial movement, as affect (such as “to be moved” or “to move”), and as transformation (including mobilization and social movement). 

We conceptualize rogue mobilities as inviting consideration of mobilities alternate to those that societies deem established or legitimate. This framework makes possible linguistic, spatial, political, embodied, and aesthetic provocations, which ask: How have rogue mobilities figured in artistic, literary, and other creative mediums? How can we theorize alongside these rogue mobilities, to make visible the various forms of radical and resistant expression through and across time and space? What practices outside of movement, such as socializing, theorizing, and virtual communication, might count as mobility?

The English Graduate Organization at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst invites conference papers on rogue mobilities. Approaches may include but are not limited to:

  • Linguistic mobilities such as code-switching, philology, translation 
  • Mobility as movement of people, ideas, and capital
  • Border studies and migration
  • Ecology, environmentalism, and planetary histories 
  • Urban and rural planning, cartographies, histories of housing
  • Virtual technologies of movement and information exchange 
  • Disability and access
  • Social mobilities and maneuvering
  • Fugitivity and Black radical traditions  
  • Queer world-making and temporalities
  • Object studies and assemblages
  • Theater and performance studies, including staging and speech-acts
  • Intertextuality and adaptation studies

The conference will be held in-person in April 2024. We invite graduate students and writers to present scholarly and/or artistic works touching on contemporary and historical moments and geographies. Interdisciplinary projects are encouraged. Proposals can take three forms:

• Individual papers/projects (please include name, project title, institution, and email address)

•Panels: 3-4 panelists, with a description of the panel and an abstract for each presentation. If you are forming your own panel, you have the option of providing your own chair.

• Performances and creative presentations/panels: we welcome submissions of creative works, including creative writing, visual art, and dramatic performance that engage with the theme.

Please use this Google Form to submit your proposal: The deadline is February 1, 2024. For questions, please contact