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November 20, 2023
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Fantasy, a genre that has captivated the hearts and minds of countless individuals throughout history, invites us to embark on extraordinary adventures beyond the realm of the ordinary. A space where magic, mythical creatures and epic quests reign supreme, Fantasy offers a respite from reality and inviting us to explore realms beyond the boundaries of our imagination.

At its core, fantasy taps into the universal human desire for escape and wonder. It transports us to enchanted lands where paradigms are reversed and new orders are brought to being. Through the fantastic, the readers and viewers experience the thrill of danger, the triumph of dreams, and the intricate play between possible and extravagantly undreamable. Fantasy opens doors to delve into the depths of imagination, challenging established perceptions and stretching our understanding of the human experience.

Fantasy encompasses a multitude of forms, from literature to art, gaming to cinema, each offering a unique gateway into this fantastical realm. In literature, we are introduced to sprawling sagas and mythical worlds crafted with intricate detail, where words weave spells that ignite our imagination. Art transports us visually, capturing the essence of mythical creatures and ethereal landscapes, bringing them to life in multiple formats. Gaming immerses us in interactive adventures, granting us agency to shape the course of epic narratives and explore vast virtual realms. And in cinema, we witness the grandeur of fantasy unfold on the screen, where larger-than-life spectacles and visual marvels transport us to unimaginable realms.

Fantasy also holds a mirror to our own reality, offering a platform to explore timeless themes such as love, courage, friendship, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness. Through the lens of fantasy, we can gain new perspectives, question established truths, and ignite our creativity to envision a world unbound by the limitations of the present.

Fantasy genre has grown beyond the premodern wildernesses characterised by castles and magic. From core templates of the likes of J. R. Tolkien and C S Lewis, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have helped turn medievalist fantasy mainstream. Escapism, which forms staple plot of fantasy, with children slipping out of the ordinary to save their extraordinary nether worlds, is being put to varied uses in political discourses and semi-quest narratives today. Fantasy continues to be a tool to express disenchantment with the establishment, to fight fascism and dream of alternatives abhorrent right spremacist ideologies.

At a time when alternative visions of fantasy continue to spread, evolve and re-enchant everyday life around the globe, the Singularities International Conference on Fantasy 2024 invites you to delve into this captivating genre, to celebrate its rich tapestry and unlock its hidden heights!

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