Three Day National Conference from December 13-15,2023 on Food and Culture: Transforming Perspectives and Paradigms

deadline for submissions: 
November 6, 2023
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Dept of Humanities. Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

Food, the basic amenity of all living beings, is beginning to be perceived from multiple cultural and ideological perspectives, which leads to the broadening of its theoretical concerns as well as its praxis. With the transforming curriculum modifications put forward by NEP for encouraging cross-cultural inquiries, interdisciplinary research, and multidisciplinary collaborations, cutting-edge research in food studies would lead to more rigorous academic deliberations on both the sociocultural significance of culinary studies and the politics of the everyday. Culinary is the most pertinent and bridging agency that engages various sociocultural spaces. Cuisines, culinary heritage, culinary spaces, food fads, utensils, and culinary images which could be perceived in everyday life, narratives, visual spaces, digital media, academic disciplines, diaspora, national heritage, and administrative policies could be studied, critiqued, and questioned through the lens of cultural criticism. The national conference looks at the interstices of the culinary with culture, literature, gender, anthropology, tribal studies, visual media, and the digital world. Through this conference, the academic fraternity could be exposed to the tangible and intangible connotations of cultural material. This platform will help meet up and interact with doyens in food and cultural studies. The interdisciplinary approach could stress food studies' cultural, sociopolitical, technological, and literary aspects and look at cuisines as cultural capital. The academic discourse could signify its responsibility as an academic mediator between the common public and food critics and theorists. The multiple facets of the culinary, and its philosophical and cultural connotations could be perceived to understand how everyday repertoire could be analyzed and understood critical lens of cultural cuisines.  Food from the premise of a social product through food production, consumption, preservation, supply chain, and management could be also analyzed as symbolic representations of nationalistic urges, social stigma, a belief system, ethical practices, and lifestyle. This kind of intellectual discourse will help to understand the evolution of the genre of food studies and will map the recent trends, Especially after the Pandemic there came a clear shift in the patterns of food discussions. The discussion would also look at how calamities help in the moulding of trends and set new patterns, let it be world wars, plagues, or pandemics. The various subtopics of the program include Food and Cultural Studies, Food and Memory, Culinary Aesthetics and Literature, Food and Art, Gender and Culinary Aesthetics, Food Imageries and Cinema, Food and Anthropology, Food and Space, Food and Tribal Studies, Food Reality Shows, Recipes and Cookbooks, Food Blogs and Vlogs, Digital Space and Food, Food in Social Media, Food and Dining Practices, Diaspora and Food.


We invite interested participants to submit their original, unpublished research papers that align with the conference's themes. Authors should submit an abstract of 250-300 words on or before October 31, 2023.

Upon acceptance of the abstract, the authors will be informed to submit their full papers, which should be in between 4000-7000 words. All submissions must be in English and follow the MLA 9th Edition guidelines.

Registration fees for research scholars and PG Students- Rs 1500/-

Registration fees for faculty members - 2500/-