From Home to Horizon: Women Writers of Indian Diaspora

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2023
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Dr. Bijender Singh
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Title: From Home to Horizon: Women Writers of Indian Diaspora


•             Dr. Bijender Singh

•             Dr. Protibha Sahukar

•             Dr. SK Sao

•             Dr. Anurag Ambasta

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2023

Concept Note:

"From Home to Horizon: Women Writers of Indian Diaspora" aims to bring together the diverse voices and narratives of women writers from the Indian diaspora. As globalization and migration continue to shape the world, the experiences and stories of Indian women living beyond their homeland are becoming increasingly significant and complex. This anthology seeks to explore and celebrate the literary contributions of these women, offering a platform for their unique perspectives, struggles, triumphs, and cultural adaptations.

The anthology will be a collection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and memoirs that reflect the multifaceted experiences of Indian women living in different parts of the world. The editors, Dr. Bijender Singh, Dr. Protibha Sahukar, Dr. SK Sao, and Dr. Anurag Ambasta, envision a tapestry of narratives that not only captures the challenges faced by these women but also highlights their resilience, creativity, and the dynamic ways in which they negotiate their identity in diverse cultural landscapes.

Note: The prospective contributors must write paper on any one text/novel/memoir, etc.

Key Themes:

1.            Identity and Belonging:

2.            Intersectionality:

3.            Tradition and Modernity:

4.            Diasporic Experiences:

5.            Cultural Hybridity:

6.            Generational Shifts:

7.            Resistance and Activism:

Submission Guidelines:

•             Submissions can include previously unpublished fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and memoirs.

•             Manuscripts should be in English and reflect the themes outlined above.

•             Submissions should be sent in electronic format to by November 30, 2023.

•             Include a brief author bio and contact information with each submission.

•             Manuscripts will be reviewed for literary merit, relevance to the theme, and overall contribution to the anthology.

Referencing Style:

Please use MLA 9th edition.

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