Representing Jerusalem in World Literature and Art: Sacred Space and Sacred History - Call for Book Chapters

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December 15, 2023
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Harvard University
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Jerusalem is the most sacred space in the world uniting mainstream religious traditions and representing various cultures and ethnicities; this city is the holiest for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Holy Jerusalem Itself is also a hierotopic place, presenting a spatial icon associated with God’s presence and the sacredness of history. Human history is not only the history of constant wars. It is the history of creation and ongoing spiritual work. Central to the Old and New Testaments, the Hebrew Bible emphasizes the Jewish sacred connection with the city. This holy space is also a cradle of Christianity. In this edited volume, Jerusalem and its representations will be explored through the lens of world literature, art, and films. This volume is dedicated to the historical, cultural, and other dimensions of Jerusalem. This space inspired creation of various world literary works, spanning different time periods and contributing to various angles of views. We seek contributions on Jerusalem and its spiritual significance in the world culture, history, and global society. Preservation of this Holy City is not a duty of one, two, three nations—it is a duty of all humanity. We invite scholars to contribute on the significance of Jerusalem as one of the most important destinations of human journey. The ultimate destination of many pilgrims is Jerusalem—the Holy City that unites all faithful. Journey to the Holy City is the fulfillment of a sacred dream of believers. Please submit your abstracts and CV to the editor: Dr. Elena Shabliy by December 15. The title of this edited volume is Representing Jerusalem in World Literature and Art: Sacred Space and Sacred History. 


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