EXTENDED DEADLINE - Call for Book Chapters - Replaying Communism: Memories of Soviet Occupation in European Media and Culture

deadline for submissions: 
January 31, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Replaying Communism Project (AHRC)

After a successful symposium that took place on 1 December 2023, the co-founders of the multi-disciplinary ‘Replaying Communism’ project (which received funding from the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council) are looking for contributors to an edited collection entitled: Replaying Communism: Memories of Soviet Occupation in European Media and Culture

The book explores the cultural memory of Communist regimes in former Soviet satellite states, as portrayed in twenty-first-century media, cultural sites, and political rhetoric. The editors welcome submissions that examine contemporary portrayals of the Communist occupation of Central and Eastern Europe (1945-1990). Further information about this research project can be found on the Replaying Communism website: https://sites.google.com/view/replayingcommunism/home?authuser=0

The editors are looking for chapters that ask one or more of the following questions: 

  • Why is contemporary media ‘replaying communism’?
  • How do various media, cultural sites, and publications represent the Communist past?
  • How and in what ways have representations of ‘Eastern European’ identities changed?
  • How does contemporary media and culture created by artists/journalists born after 1989 differ to that by creatives who experienced Communism first-hand? And what impact is this having on the narrative of the Communist era?
  • Who controls representations of the Communist era (large technology conglomerates, governments, cultural institutions, privately owned media outlets, etc.) and in what ways does this shape our understanding of Communism? 
  • What can we gain from both scholarly and creative engagements with the synergies between the Communist era and today?  

The edited collection welcomes analyses of cultural memories of the Communist era in fictive and non-fictive accounts across all media and cultural institutions from a wide range of perspectives that include: 

  • Nostalgia for communism or Ostalgie
  • Postcolonial perspectives (Eastern European identities)
  • Heritage and museum studies
  • Archiving Communism
  • Media studies (television; film; journalism; gaming)
  • Literary studies
  • Art historical approaches
  • Musicology

Please submit your abstracts (250 words) and bio to the editors Dr Lucy Jeffery and Dr Anna Váradi replayingcommunism@gmail.com by 31 January 2024.