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February 9, 2024
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Conference on Child and Teen Consumption
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CHILD AND TEEN CONSUMPTION 2024 (extended deadline)

11th Interdisciplinary Conference on Child and Teen Consumption

October 16 -18 2024, York University, Toronto, Canada PLAYING WITH BORDERS

The 2024 edition of the Child and Teen Consumption Conference will be held in Toronto (Canada) and will be hosted by York University, October 16-18, 2024.

The theme of the 11th Child and Teen Consumption Conference is Playing with Borders. The borders and boundaries of young people’s cultural worlds are messy and in flux, especially in the spaces of consumer culture, digital culture and media culture. From the borders between the analog and the digital, the authentic and the branded, the global and the local, play and labour to, food and fun, young people contest, resist, negotiate, push and play with the boundaries in the between. We invite research and approaches that interrogate the concepts and definition of children’s and teens “play”, and how young people themselves “play” in mediated and digitized spaces.

This theme is dedicated to the critical study of issues relevant to child and teen consumption, with methods and perspectives drawn from across the humanities and qualitative social sciences. We welcome applications from any discipline, department, or field. We are especially eager to receive applications that approach such questions from critical perspectives that centre marginalized selves: queer, trans, feminist, crip, antiracist, abolitionist, decolonial, Indigenous, diasporic, transnational, and so on.

Presentations may examine a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Branding and marketing of young people
  • Children and sustainability (SDG)
  • Children’s mediated cultures
  • Children’s rights and justice
  • Climate change
  • Consumer culture
  • Consumer desires
  • Digital literacies
  • Digital technologies
  • Disability and play
  • Families and consumer culture Food cultures
  • Gender and/or race in consumer culture Global migration
  • Historical approaches to consumption and play Identities and consumer culture
  • LGBTQIA2+ youth
  • Material cultures
  • New methodologies in children and consumption Play and Fun
  • Poverty and Scarcity
  • Policy on marketing and advertising
  • Social media practices and cultures
  • Sociology of food
  • War, poverty and food insecurity for children

Submission process:

Applications will undergo an interdisciplinary evaluation: a paper from a disciplinary background will be evaluated by researchers from other disciplines.

Successful applicants will be notified by the beginning of March 2024.

Applications are due 9 February 2024.

Applications can be submitted here:

Submission types:

Individual abstract: For an individual paper presentation of 15-20 minutes. Proposal should be max. 300 words and include your theoretical and methodological approaches as well as a brief statement about how the proposal is aligned with the conference theme. You will be asked to provide a short bibliography with max. five citations and a short biographical statement. See submission form for full details.

Organized panel: A panel on a common theme/topic with 3-4 individual paper presentations of 15-20 min/each. Please include a 300-word overview of the panel and 150- word proposals for each panelist including their theoretical and methodological approaches. The overview should include a brief statement about how the proposed panel is aligned with the conference theme. You will be asked to provide for each presenter a short bibliography with max. five citations and a short biographical statement. See submission form for full details.

Publication of papers: Papers accepted and presented at the congress may be published in the special issue of the journal “Young Consumers”.

Hybrid Options: Based on our commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion we offer a select number of presentation slots to accommodate scholars with accessibility and Visa issues as well as scholars from the Global South who are unable to attend international conferences. Please note there are limited virtual presentation slots.

About the Association:

The Child and Teen Consumption Conferences address a wide range of topics linking childhood and adolescence with consumer environments in different social and institutional contexts. This forum aims to be a meeting place for scholars and practitioners to examine different issues affecting children for better or for worse, such as media, technology, privacy, climate change, social exclusion, and SDGs, from diverse disciplinary perspectives including psychology, sociology, communication, anthropology, history, education sciences, and law. Since the beginning, the Child and Teen Consumption Conferences promote original research on how children interact with the market and society, and how they construct their identity and relationships with peers, family members, brands and organizations. More information on the CTC community can be found here: https://mshs.univ-

Since 2004, previous conferences have been held every two years in countries such as France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Scotland.

Contact for CTC 2023 enquiries:


Conference Co-chairs:

Natalie Coulter, York University
Kisha McPherson, Toronto Metropolitan University