Departent of Hispanic Studies XIV Annual Graduate Student Conference: Within and Beyond the Impasse

deadline for submissions: 
January 1, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
University of California at Riverside

 XIV Annual Graduate Student Conference Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Association Department of Hispanic Studies University of California, Riverside. Within and Beyond the Impasse: Call for Proposals


In her book Cruel Optimism (2011), Lauren Berlant uses the term impasse to describe a manner of encountering the duration of the historical present; in particular, a present that is marked by an amplification in intensity due to a certain loss, crisis, catastrophe, or sudden change. It is within the stretched-out present of the impasse, that we are demanded to take action and seek solutions despite the uncertainty of a successful outcome. It can perhaps be said that in our historical present, we are at an impasse, and it is here that we ask: How do we experience, attest, acknowledge and respond to this impasse through our academic disciplines and research? How does one think and write within the urgency of the impasse? And, perhaps, most importantly, how do we imagine and write about a future beyond the impasse? 

“Within and Beyond the Impasse” will be held on April 25th and 26th, 2024. For this conference, we will consider papers that work with or around the idea of the impasse from any of its conceptual formulations: whether they be directly dialoguing with the concept of the impasse, or directly analyzing a problem that is urgent in our rather turbulent historical present. We encourage and will consider abstracts from a wide range of diverse disciplines. Following are some of the possible disciplines (not limited to):

  • Hispanic Studies

  • Literary studies

  • Cultural studies

  • Psychoanalysis

  • Deconstruction

  • Trauma studies

  • Linguistics & Sociolinguistics

  • Comparative Literature

  • Critical Pedagogies

  • Race and Ethnic Studies

  • Philosophy

  • Phenomenology

  • Migration and Border Studies

  • Disability Studies

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies

  • Indigenous Languages and Cultures

  • Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism

  • Film and Media Studies

  • Cultural and Political Activism

  • Performance

  • Colonialism, Decolonialism, and Postcolonialism studies

We welcome proposals for panels, individual presentations, workshops, moderated conversations with activists, and other presentation formats in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Individual presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes in duration. The deadline for proposals is January 1st.