2024 Midwestern Conference on Literature, Language, & Media (MCLLM)

deadline for submissions: 
February 16, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Northern Illinois University
contact email: 

Reclaiming Legacy: From Foundations to Futures in Coalitions & Communities

This year’s conference theme encourages papers, presentations, and original creative works that explore topics concerned with the intersecting of generational work and identities; what do we build our studies on and what do we leave for the next generation of our identified coalitions and communities?

Submit proposals that speak to the representation and/or involvement of these communities in literature, media, art, games, technology, politics, etc.

MCLLM welcomes proposals from a wide range of disciplines and expression forms. The list below provides a sense of the topics the organizers are interested in seeing, but it is not an all-inclusive list. Please submit a proposal that represents your interpretation of our theme!

  • Diversity & Inclusion in Popular Culture
  • Gender & Sexuality Studies             
  • Biased Technology
  • Diverse Characters in Video Games
  • Religions and Spiritualities
  • Oral Cultures
  • Ethnic Cuisines
  • Recognition
  • Acknowledgment of Individuality
  • Mergence and Emergence
  • Transcultural Vs. Cross-Cultural
  • Language Omission
  • Reclamation and Resilience
  • Diverse Representation in Academia
  • Diversifying Curriculum
  • Racial Politics

It will be assumed that creative works represent a culmination of research in a given area, presenters may wish to include critical context for their work and take part in the associated Q & A sessions.

go to https://mcllm.wordpress.com/callforpapers/ to submit!