JFA - Volume 35 submission window

deadline for submissions: 
February 29, 2024
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Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, published since 1988, is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of the fantastic in Literature, Art, Drama, Film, and Popular Media. It is published three times a year by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts.

For Authors – SubmissionsArticle Submission Window for Volume 35 – 2024 opened December 2, 2023.

Please make sure to refer essays and book reviews to the JFA Submission, Accessibility and Sensitivity Review Handbook below before submission to journal@fantastic-arts.org.

Subject Matter

Like the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts from which it was generated, JFA welcomes papers on all aspects of the fantastic in world literatures and media, as well as interdisciplinary approaches including African/Diaspora Studies, anthropology, area studies, critical game studies, disability studies, future studies, gender studies, history, Indigenous studies, music, philosophy, political science, postcolonial studies, psychology, queer studies, religious studies, science and technology studies, and sociology. All papers are made available in English.  Those interested in publishing in other languages in addition to English are asked to inquire with our Acquisitions Editor at jfa.editor@fantastic-arts.org with the subject line “Languages.”

Submissions should contain a more in-depth discussion than a conference-length paper and demonstrate a grasp of current scholarship on the subject. The length of articles generally varies from 3,500-9,000 words and ranges from 15-35 pages.

Submissions are peer-reviewed in accordance with our peer review statement and the BIPOC Anti-Racist Statement on Scholarly Reviewing Practices.  If submissions are flagged at any point of the review process for the risk of promulgating potentially misrepresentative, stereotypical, ableist, or racist views, contributors will be asked to address these problems before the review process can continue.

JFA also publishes reviews of scholarly works addressing the fantastic, broadly construed. Reviews of fiction are limited to reissues of speculative works with new introductions and scholarly apparatuses, and speculative works with the potential to impact scholarship in the genre. Books and other media received are advertised on the IAFA discussion list (which can be subscribed to through the IAFA homepage at www.iafa.org), and IAFA members are encouraged to suggest titles for review. Questions and suggestions may be addressed to Book Review Editor-in-Chief Mailyn Abreu Toribio: e-mail jfa.editor@fantastic-arts.org with the subject line “Book Review.”

Formatting the Manuscript

Since the refereeing process is anonymous, the author’s name should not appear anywhere on the text file itself, including the notes. No title page is needed. However, an abstract of 100-150 words should be included with each submission.

Please ensure that all citations and the Works Cited entries are in current MLA style. Please do not use automatically generated notes; end notes (only) must be entered manually. A paper that doesn’t meet our printing parameters can take many hours to adjust. To avoid needless changes and delays, it is best to use our guidelines from the start. For complete guidelines, please refer to the Submission, Accessibility and Sensitivity Review Handbook (http://www.fantastic-arts.org/jfa/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/JFAs-Submis...).  In case of conflicting instructions, defer to the Submission, Accessibility and Sensitivity Review Handbook.

Contributors are responsible for acquiring all permissions to quote and/or use illustrations that accompany their article, and for paying (or arranging to have their institutions pay) all usage fees, including copyright.


All submissions should be copied to Submissions Editor Tedd Hawks at journal@fantastic-arts.org. Scholarly articles are processed through the department of the JFA‘s Acquisitions Editor-in-Chief, Novella Brooks de Vita, jfa.acquisitions@fantastic-arts.org. Book reviews are solicited, however the journal’s Book Reviews Editor-in-Chief Mailynn Abreu Toribio may be contacted for information on books available for review and to suggest books for review at jfa.bookreview@fantastic-arts.org.