The Meta Lawsuit and the Commodification of Teen Harms

deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Social Media Research Institute

Call for Papers: The Meta Lawsuit and the Commodification of Teen Harms

Editors: Dr. Jeff Shires, Jonathan M. Wicks LCSW, and Jonathan Bertrand

Abstracts Due: February 15, 2024

Full Papers Due: May 1, 2024

Final Notification by June 15, 2024


SMRI is looking to assemble an edited collection of scholarly works about the State Attorneys General Lawsuits against Meta. We are looking for interdisciplinary essays that cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:


  1. Discussion of the lawsuit itself (Critical or Non Critical Review )
  2. Discussion of behaviors did Meta undertake that precipitated the lawsuits
  3. Detailing who was harmed by Meta’s actions
  4. Offer ways that Meta could undertake to reduce the harms done to teens
  5. Discussion of the lawsuits’ merits and deficiencies
  6. Discussion on how the lawsuits might proceed through the courts
  7. Discussion of how states can use the funds to help protect vulnerable classes of users.


We are looking for contributors, both domestic and international, from the areas of




Social Work


Media Studies




Public Health


Secondary and Post Secondary Education

Political Science



Leadership Studies

And others


A symposium will be planned for Fall 2024 to allow authors to interact with each other and present their research to the field and the public. All papers must conform to APA 7. Send abstracts or no more than 250 words including a separate cover sheet with your name, affiliation, and title to Please send all correspondence to this email addressed to Dr. Jeff Shires. We look forward to reading your ideas.