2nd UTAD Conference Existence, Tradition and Future (5-7 September 2024, İstanbul, Türkiye)

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April 30, 2024
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Turkish Society for Theatre Research and Bahçeşehir University Conservatory
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2nd UTAD Conference Existence, Tradition and Future (5-7 September 2024, İstanbul, Türkiye)

Turkish Society for Theatre Research and Bahçeşehir University Conservatory

Call for Papers and/or Applied Workshop


As a form of art based on live performance, theatre has managed to maintain its existence by undergoing change and transformation throughout history from rituals to the present day. As a witness and narrator of history, the art of theatre has encountered wars, disasters, crises, earthquakes, societal transformations, and pandemics; yet, it has always managed to pull love, hope, love, peace and justice out of its hat.

From primitive tribal societies to the present day, debates have been conducted on the tradition and future of theatre. In the tradition of theatre, there is the idea of telling a story to the audience with the principle of being present and current, while its future is characterised by the idea of always adapting to the new. From the Anthropocene era to the present day, the survival of theatre has depended on its capacity to keep up with ages as a dynamic art. From the cave to the site states, from the baroque stage to the digital stage, theatre has been able to preserve its existence in an avant-garde way with its dynamic structure. That is why we always say EXIST, theatre!

Since the art of theatre can adapt to changes due to its dynamic performative structure, it has has been a subject of curiosity for philosophers, artists, politicians and scientists throughout the ages. The theories, play texts, playwrights, actors, directors, stage designers, etc., emerging throughout history have been active subjects to present the cyclical temporality of theatre between tradition and future. From Poetics to Ars Poetics, from Paradox of the Actor to The Invisible Actor, from Thetre of Cruelty to Theatre of the Poor, from post-dramatic to digital theatre, the way theatre relates to the audience and society has been the subject of many books.

If there were no theatre, would there have been masters who could better depict the transformations in everyday life than Aristophanes, Molière, Shakespeare, Hagop Vartovyan, Brecht, Beckett, Haldun Taner, Tennessee Williams, Sarah Kane? If there were no theatre, would we be able to applaud our favorite actors of today on stage? Therefore, understanding the transformations of theatre from tradition to future is, in a sense, understanding the world and human beings.

As Turkish Society for Theatre Research, we are waiting for your paper abstracts or applied workshops on the following topics (and/or their intersections):

Existence of Theatre as a Form of Art

  • The relationship between theatre and performance
  • The existence of the performance
  • The existence of dramatic text
  • The existence of playwrights
  • The existence of actor/actress
  • The existence of authors and/or translators
  • The existence of directors
  • The existence of dramaturgs
  • The existence of stage designers
  • The existence of the audience
  • The existence of theatre academy

Tradition in Theatre

  • The tradition of narrative and storytelling in local or universal context
  • Storytelling
  • Preservation of the traditional, Invention of Tradition and Transformation of Tradition
  • The relationship between literature, language, and theatre
  • Classics and their reinterpretation in theater

The Future of Theatre

  • Post-dramatic theatre
  • Digital Theatre
  • Post-humanist theatre
  • The Relation between Theatre and Social Media
  • Theatre, Technology and Artificial Intellıgence
  • Ecological Theatre and Eco-Dramaturgy
  • Auditory Theatre (Radio and Podcast Theatre)

 Existence, Tradition, and Future: Special Topics

  • Acting Methods and Approaches
  • Directing Methods and Approaches
  • Applied Dramaturgy
  • Publishing and Copyright
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Theatre
  • Multiculturalism in Theatre
  • Ethnic Racial and Minority Theatre
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Musical Theatre
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Stage Music and theatre
  • Dance Theatre
  • Physical Theatre Studies
  • Multicultural Theatre
  • Political Theatre
  • Documentary Theatre
  • Forum Theatre and Augusto Boal
  • Gender in Theatre
  • Child and Youth Theatre
  • Theatre in Education
  • Creative Drama in Education
  • The Relationship between Game-based Learning, Gamification, and Theatre
  • Theatre, Pedagogy and Social Responsibility
  • Stage Design
  • Cinema and Theatre Relation

** All paper and applied workshop submissions will be accepted after undergoing PEER-REVIEWING process.

We will be honored and delighted to host you at the distinguished location of a world city, Istanbul, in collaboration with the Turkish Society for Theatre Research (http://www.utadconference.com) and Bahçeşehir University Conservatory (https://bau.edu.tr/akademik/12550-konservatuvar).

In order to participate in the conference to be held on 5-7 September 2024, we kindly ask you to send your 250-word summary and 100-word short CV to the Turkish Society for Theatre Research (TSTR) at utadconference@gmail.com before 30 April 2024.

Publication of the scientific papers of the conference will be encouraged in the following journals. Additionally, the publication of a special issue including full texts from the conference is also planned. A peer-review process will be applied for both the following journals and the articles that will be accepted for the conference special issue.

Contact: utadconference@gmail.com

Web Page: http://www.utadconference.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TiyatroDernegi


Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th April 2024

Announcement of Acceptance/Rejection: 15th May 2024

Early Bird: 30th May 2024

Announcement of the Conference Programme: 1st July 2024


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