Timothy Dalton IS James Bond: Essays on His Tenure as 007

deadline for submissions: 
May 1, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Shane H. Weathers/Bowling Green State University
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Of the six official actors to have portrayed James Bond, Timothy Dalton is perhaps the least discussed. While Timothy Dalton’s tenure as 007 has often been overlooked by scholars, his two films have recently received critical reappraisal by both fans and critics. As such, The Living Daylights (1987) and License to Kill (1989) occupy an integral place within Bond canon and are now considered beloved by many fans.

Both films reflected major shifts for the franchise. Dalton took a darker, more serious and more violent approach to the character of Bond compared to earlier actors, especially his predecessor, Roger Moore. Both films were extremely politically topical, reflecting Cold War anxieties of the older films (The Living Daylights) as well as the War on Drugs (License to Kill). License to Kill also became the first PG-13 Bond film. Each of these trends heavily influenced the later Bond films of Pierce Brosnan, and most recently, Daniel Craig. Timothy Dalton therefore exists as one of the most important actors to portray Bond, despite the lack of attention to his films of the late 80s.

In anticipation of the fortieth anniversary of The Living Daylights in 2027, we are seeking proposals for an edited collection of essays on ANY aspect of Timothy Dalton’s tenure as Bond. This volume’s goal is to provide the strongly needed scholarly attention that Dalton and his films deserve.

Scholars are encouraged to pursue any idea that they have pertaining to the Timothy Dalton films. However, possible topics may include the following:

• Star/performance study of Dalton (or supporting cast members such as Robert Davi)
• Politics (Afghanistan, war on drugs) in Dalton’s films
• Dalton’s unmade third and fourth Bond film
• John Glen’s directing style from his Moore films to both (or one of) Dalton’s films
• The women of Dalton’s films
• Caroline Bliss as Moneypenny versus Lois Maxwell, Samantha Bond, or Naomie Harris
• Music of the films (including non-title Bond songs like "If You Asked Me To" and "If There Was a Man")
• Textual analysis of either film
• Legacy of either film, or in comparison to each other
• Comparisons to other Bond actors
• The villains of either/both films
• Contrast in tone to prior films
• Dalton’s place within the Bond legacy
• Fan/critical/scholarly reception towards films
• Comparisons to other actions films of the time (i.e. Rambo III)


Scholars are encouraged to send (roughly) 350-word abstracts along with a short bio to timothydaltonisbond@gmail.com.


Any inquiries should be directed to Shane H. Weathers at shaneth@bgsu.edu. The Bond email will not be checked until the abstract deadline has passed.
Final essays will be in MLA 9, with a final word count of 5750-7250 words. I am aiming for a 2027 release to coincide with The Living Daylights fortieth anniversary.

Estimated Timeline:
Decisions Made and Relayed: June 5th 2024
First Draft due: December 1st 2024
First Draft returned: January 1st 2025
Final Draft due: March 5th 2025