Call for Papers: ‘Investigating the Developing Relation between the Gulf States and North Africa’

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February 16, 2024
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Journal of Gulf Studies

Call for Papers: Journal of Gulf Studies


Special Issue: ‘Investigating the Developing Relation between the Gulf States and North Africa’ 


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The relationship between the Gulf states and states of North Africa has not received much attention in academia or media outlets, which can be a reflection of the actual stand of the relationship on the ground. Historically, the Gulf states have not shown tremendous interest in the North African affairs, and instead, have focused more on developing relations with global powers. Although the two regions overlap in multiple elements of culture, religion, politics and energy, and are both members of the Arab League as well as the Organization of the Islamic Countries, from a historical perspective, there has been minimal interactions noted and studied between the two regions.


The Arab Spring can be considered a pivotal point in changing the reality of the relations between the Gulf and North Africa. The states of Tunis, Libya, Algeria and Morocco all faced economic and socio-political challenges leading to political instability in the region. The Gulf states were quick to assist in the case of Morocco, the only monarchy in North Africa, during its political turmoil in the Arab Spring. By lending a solid economic hand, the Gulf states attempted to secure and maintain the Moroccan governing structure and ruling power.


Furthermore, the Gulf States did not present a unified body or a consistent foreign intervention policy in the political instability seen in both Tunis and Libya. With a rise in aggression in both countries, the Gulf states intervened in ways that align with their foreign policies and state interests to increase their influence in the region. In recent years, the Gulf has witnessed political rivalries amongst its states and it is inevitable for this division to be reflected in the Gulf’s relationships with neighbouring and regional states.


With a race towards energy resources, an attempt to extend alliances and security initiatives in times of regional political stability, the dynamics between the Gulf states and the North African region is witnessing a noticeable change. The role of the Gulf states in the North African region is increasing on multiple facets, including economic, political, social and humanitarian, and this calls for an investigation and in-depth study of their historical relationship, as well as the future prospects of their alliances and unions.


The Journal of Gulf Studies aims to create a platform that presents interdisciplinary research on the Gulf region as well as on area studies. Therefore, the Journal of Gulf Studies invites scholars and academics to investigate the developing relationship between the Gulf states and North Africa and to continue developing its mission in presenting contemporary cutting-edge research on the region.


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