Conference: Tribute to Cid Corman: From Japan to the US and the World, 1924–2004

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March 25, 2024
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Date: October 30–31, 2024

Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Conference: Tribute to Cid Corman: From Japan to the US and the World, 1924–2004

Our Conference (in a hybrid format, both in person and online) aims at celebrating the life and work of US poet Cid Corman, bringing to light his crucial contribution as a poet, editor and translator of two shores (Japan and the US, also within the European, French and Italian traditions), in his role bridging the gap between cultures in English and in Japanese.


Issues to address are not limited to the following,

  1. Cid Corman's Poetry: Analyzing the thematic and stylistic elements in Corman's own poetry, considering his influences, and examining the evolution of his poetic voice over time.
  2. Editorial Legacy: Exploring Corman's role as the editor of the groundbreaking literary journal "Origin" and his impact on the Objectivist poets and Black Mountain poets. Discussing his editorial philosophy and its implications on American poetry.
  3. Translation and Haiku: Investigating Corman's significant contributions as a translator, particularly of Japanese classic authors like Basho. Analyzing his translations and collections of haiku and their influence on Western perceptions of Japanese poetry.
  4. Cultural and Geographical Influences: Examining the impact of Corman's relocation to Kyoto in 1958 on his creative work. Discussing how the Japanese cultural and literary environment shaped his perspective as a poet, editor, and translator.
  5. Cid Corman’s Criticism and Poetics: Examining Corman’s views on art and poetry through his essayistic production.
  6. Intersections with Objectivism and Black Mountain Poets: Exploring the connections between Corman's work and the Objectivist poets and the Black Mountain poets, considering collaborative efforts, shared influences, and divergences.
  7. Cid Corman's Global Reach: Investigating the dissemination and reception of Corman's work internationally, considering his influence on poets and literary movements beyond Japan or the US.

Please send 350-word abstracts by March 25 to the organizers at, and

Notification of Acceptance: April 15, 2024.