Call for Papers: ‘Artificial Intelligence: Design, Production, Media and Consumers’

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July 1, 2025
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Fashion, Style & Popular Culture
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Call for Papers: Fashion, Style & Popular Culture


Special Issue: ‘Artificial Intelligence: Design, Production, Media and Consumers’ 


Guest Editors: Catharine Weiss, Lasell University, USA and Mary Ruppert, Washington University, St. Louis, USA 


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With the success of two previous issues of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture (FSPC) on Fashion Innovation and Merchandising Technologies we now introduce a third on artificial intelligence. This volume will address artificial intelligence (AI), exploring how AI influences fashion creativity and design, how curated and digital consumption now takes place, and how the interconnected relationship between technology, brand delivery, and data collection manifests within fashion and retail. The edition will emphasize how contemporary technology will modify the creative element for fashion designers and content developers, and lead to new ways of delivering refined consumer information. The publication will be a compilation of scholarly research designed around a central theme under three distinct categories, producing holistic and relevant content. Whether it’s in the way we create and develop products and digital content and experiences through AI, how trends are captured through algorithms or ways digital fashion is delivered to and engaged by consumers through their devices, this volume will continue to reflect the zeitgeist of fashion and how it now runs parallel with technology. Topics can include, but are not limited to: 


AI and Design/Production


  • AI for accelerated design processes
  • Smarter production capabilities based on more refined forecasting and inventory analysis
  • Sustainable solutions for development and production
  • AI-generated product design, logos, and branding
  • Ethical aspects of AI-generated content
  • AI for creative inspiration and mood board


AI and The Media


  • Cultural movements and consumer engagement in the technological world
  • Algorithms and the changing nature of content and copywriting
  • Social media and the curated message
  • Branding and digital creations
  • Personalized experiences
  • Deep fakes
  • Content that sways opinion (fake content)
  • Generated reviews and consumer communication


AI and The Consumer


  • Trend forecasting, detection, and projections
  • Cultural movements and consumer engagement
  • Digital shopping experiences and customer service
  • Personalized digital deliveries and curations 


Deadline for manuscripts of 5000–6000 words (using Intellect House Style) will be 1 July 2025 and will be accepted on a rolling basis with feedback within 90 days. The Special Issue will be published in 2026.  Please let us know if you are interested in submitting by emailing Catharine Weiss at Questions regarding the journal should be sent to Joseph H. Hancock, II at