Constructivist AI: Student-Centered Strategies for Cultural Studies and Language Learning

deadline for submissions: 
February 29, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand
contact email: 

I am looking for a few educators and researchers who are interested in using generative AI in the classroom to promote cultural studies and learning language. I plan to propose a panel for this year’s ELO conference, which will be held online from July 18 to 21.

The student-centered ethic is well established in humanities classrooms, so the question for this panel is how to use AI to further this goal. In particular, this year’s organizers are desirous of submissions that consider community and creativity. Papers that explore strategies to harness the potential for positive futures and/or elicit awareness of dystopian potentials are welcome.

I am most interested in proposals that balance practice and theory. It seems worthwhile to reprise or revise earlier scholarly insights that might be even more relevant today, such as Evelyn Nien-Ming Ch’ien’s “weird English,” Jerome McGann’s “deformance,” Donna Haraway’s “oppositional cyborgs,” Michel Foucault’s “death of the author.” Matthew N. Hannah’s “the specter of neoliberalism,” Janet H. Murray’s “Hamlet on the holodeck,” and so on.

Please send an abstract of 200 or so words and a brief bio to before February 29. I will then send the panel proposal to the ELO organizers, who will consider whether to include it in this year’s conference. Inquires in advance of an abstract are welcome. 

More information about ELO 2024 is available at