Time and Temporality in Neoliberal Aesthetics | ASAP15 (New York)

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March 15, 2024
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This panel will consider how neoliberalism shifts conceptions of time and temporality, especially in how they relate to aesthetics. We invite papers that engage critically with contemporary works of art and literature to ask how they represent time, and/or how shifting conceptions of time and temporality relate to aesthetic consumption and interpretation.

Questions to consider include: how has the internet/AI impacted aesthetic interpretation? Are neoliberal aesthetics a luxury now more than ever? Or are aesthetics more of a pastime, an embedded part of everyday life? In what other ways has neoliberalism changed where and how we find aesthetic joy? What formal constraints relate to the "acceleration of life" that have emerged over the past 15-20 years? What does the future look like regarding aesthetic experimentation and dissemination? How has AI/posthumanism influenced the aesthetic "marketplace"? Does a proliferation of styles and hybridity compress or distend time in neoliberalism? Have new "chronotopes" emerged in neoliberalism to describe human interaction? What aesthetic or otherwise human values have shifted or will continue to shift as a result of market pressures? Have specific aesthetic values have become reified or fetishized in neoliberalism? Are specific zones or geographies more given to aesthetic contemplation or consumption? How do we reconcile spatio-temporal stratification with aesthetic stratification? Do certain bodies feel the effects of neoliberal time differently than others? Does remote work create more space for aesthetic reflection? Is there an exchange between depth of aesthetic interpretation and neoliberal marketplace demands? 

Link to ASAP15: https://www.cvent.com/c/abstracts/ef2d8807-b608-4109-847a-9d3f868c690d?e...

Please send 150-300 word abstracts with a short bio to Daniel Adler (danieladler@unr.edu) by March 15th, 2024.