Black Feminist Excesses

deadline for submissions: 
March 17, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Proposed Working Group for MLA 2025
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Black Feminist Excesses

(MLA 2025 Proposed Working Group)

This working group aims to theorize excess, desire and unbridled being in Black feminist and womanist studies. How does Black feminism and womanism engage disparate, wayward, or fringe forms of identity, embodiment, materiality, affect and culture?  How can concepts like ‘indulgence’ or ‘aspiration’ be considered or troubled among current theoretical frameworks? What do you think is on the horizon for Black feminist and womanist thought in moving beyond the postfeminist moment?

Participants are asked to present on their works-in-progress or new-ideas-in-motion in a salon style format, where feedback and discussion across projects will be the focal point. Participants may also submit their remarks or a different piece for a proposed post-working group digital zine. 

Topics include be are no means limited to: 

-Queer studies and transfeminist thought

-The postfeminist moment

-Aesthetics and visual culture

-Print and material cultures

-Musicology, sound studies, musical entertainment

-Social media trends like Black Women in Luxury, the Soft Black Girl or #HotGirlSummer

-Internet cultures and Digital Humanities

-Black women and travel

-Black beauty care, hair care, fashion

Please submit abstracts up to 300 words and a bios up to 200 words by March 17th, 2024. You can email materials and questions to Everyone is welcomed to apply, but graduate students, junior scholars and NTT are especially encouraged.