Silicon Valley Beyond the Valley (MLA 2025 Special Session proposal)

deadline for submissions: 
March 15, 2024
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Robert Nguyen
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Call for PapersSeeking 250-word abstracts on narratives of the tech industry and the digital beyond the Valley itself. How does Silicon Valley the place become a global imaginary in literature, film, television, and public discourse? (include bio+CV)

Deadline for submissions: Friday, 15 March 2024

Robert Nguyen, Penn State University ( BackgroundThe term Silicon Valley is often used as a metonymy for the technology industry at large. And yet, that industry so often associated with a very particular geographic area of the United States is inextricably linked to sites and laborers around the globe: factories, mines, assembly line workers, content moderators, and the many cities pursuing economic growth by emulating the Valley's model (e.g. the many cities branded through "[country or continent's] Silicon Valley" or "Silicon [+ name of landform]" constructions—New Orleans as the "Silicon Bayou" is one such example). How are the relationships between Silicon Valley companies and their global partners occluded, reified, or made more visible through representations in culture? How do literature, film, televsion, and public discourse mediate or contest the export of Silicon Valley ideologies throughout the world? What is the relationship between Silicon Valley as a mythologywith its global, material maniferstations?  ---This CFP is for a special session panel proposal for the MLA 2025 Convention in New Orleans. Note that Special Session proposals are not guaranteed. See the MLA's [Special Sessions FAQ](  for details and notification timelines. Notifications regadring acceptance status to the panel proposal will be sent to all respondents by April 1.