Call for Papers - Explorations E-Journal's Issue 6: In the Grip of Western Rationality

deadline for submissions: 
May 31, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Climate Psychology Alliance

Modern (Western) civilization has always assumed that there are no problems for which solutions cannot be found. Today there is no shortage of technical solutions on offer for the climate crisis, from carbon capture and storage under the North Sea through to giant high altitude aerosols which deflect the sun’s rays back into outer space. These kind of solutions require what Iain McGilchrist terms a left hemisphere worldview. 
This kind of instrumental rationality dominates our world, from how we educate our kids through to how we relate to the world around us (non-human nature). It also deeply affects how we think about ourselves. The triumph of modern psychology is in no small part a result of the way in which it uncritically inhabits this rationality. As a consequence alternatives, including psychoanalysis, ecopsychology and indigenous psychologies, have remained marginalised.
We invite contributions which critically reflect upon this rationality and its possible impact on climate psychology itself. We would value personal accounts of the grip of this rationality (as it can be so difficult to identify) and personal experiences of trying to challenge, subvert or transform it. Accounts of initiatives that deploy a different approach and contribute to new ways of collectively engaging with the climate crisis are especially welcome. 
If you have an idea about something you’d like to contribute please contact the editors of Issue 6, Rembrandt Zegers ( or Paul Hoggett ( If possible we would like to receive first drafts by the end of April, the deadline for final copy is Friday 31st May.  

Explorations E-Journal is also running the online webinar "Anger, Grief and the Climate Emergency" on Saturday 23rd March from 2pm-5pm UK time. 

This webinar will explore some of the complex relations between grief, remorse, resignation, bitterness and anger. Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) co-founder Paul Hoggett will offer a brief overview of the role of such feelings in political protest based upon his book Politics, Identity and Emotion.

Then Caroline Lucas, who will retire as a Green Party MP at next General Election and hopes to train as a doula to the dying, will be in conversation with CPA members Chris Robertson and Steffi Bednarek.

Attendees will have the chance to participate in group dialogues and reflections during the webinar. If you're interested, please book here: