Metal and Change: Metal's Role in an Ever-Changing World

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June 10, 2024
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University of Dayton
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Metal and Change: Metal’s Role in an Ever-Changing World

Since its inception Metal music has been in constant flux, whether in the development of new genres and subgenres to the way that it has been perceived in society over time. Metal music and culture, to survive, need to adapt to a world constantly in upheaval, whether through changing attitudes toward the music, changes in society’s structure, or even changes in what Metal music is and how it addresses issues in the world, like COVID.  But to stay Metal it must still maintain its own identity.

This 1-day conference seeks to bring in scholars who examine the themes and issues that Metal music and culture must deal with on a regular basis. How does Metal address a pandemic like COVID-19? How does Metal address changes in governments? Religions? How does the world perceive the music and its fans? How do Metal scenes survive in these changing times? Where does the future of Metal lie—both for the music and those who are fans and those who are the artists who create it?

We welcome individual proposals or roundtable presentations that address any or all of these questions. Possible individual themes that may be addressed include, but are not limited to:

Metal and Social Justice                                             Metal and Race

Metal in the classroom—How is it being taught?    Metal and Gender

Metal’s future in scholarship                                      Metal’s influence outside the Global North

Metal and the Environment                                      The Global South’s influence on Metal

Metal and Health                                                       How Metal has changed over time

Metal’s role in Society                                               Extremity as a tool for change

Metal’s influence in the world                                   Perceptual changes in Metal

Metal as a change agent                                            Metal and Religion

Metal and Racism                                                       Changing Genres of Metal

The Particularities of Metal in the Global South      Metal music scenes                           


Please send a 300 word proposal to by June 10.  We welcome individual panels or roundtable discussion topics.  If your panel is accepted you will be placed with other scholars who have similar topics. If your roundtable topic is approved you will  be expected to lead a discussion group during the roundtable session—and your table will then share your outcomes to the larger group. Individual panel presentations should be 20 minutes—no more.  We want to make sure that there is time for a Question/Answer discussion once each of the presenters is done. 

Our goal is to have a Metal concert at a nearby venue at the conclusion of the conference to celebrate. 

 Our keynote address speaker is Dr. Kevin Fellezs from Columbia University

Proposals should be written in Microsoft Word with the following information included:
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Institutional affiliation (if there is one)
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Proposals are due no later than June 10.  You will find out if you have been accepted no later than June 5.

The conference is October 19 at the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Proposals should be sent to Bryan Bardine, Ph.D. at the following address: