ASAP 2024 Conference Panel: "Necessary Community: Black Feminist Friendships and Organizing"

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March 17, 2024
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ASAP 2024 Conference: "Not a Luxury"

The ASAP conference theme “Not a Luxury,” (10/17-10/19 in New York City) borrows Audre Lorde’s assertion that in times of crisis, poetry and creative expression are not extraneous to survive but necessities. Known for her community building and work with Kitchen Table Press, Lorde positioned her sense of self as developing from and within her social and artistic circles. This panel asks what contemporary  forms of community building--for example: edited collections, across-campus coalitions, unions, friend groups—are necessary for Black feminist survival and thriving in precarious times. See the conference CFP for more: Please send a 200-300 word abstract and 50-100 word bio to by March 17th.