PAMLA 2024: Navigating The Many Parts of Graduate School [LAST CALL: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 7/15]

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July 15, 2024
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Jan Maramot / PAMLA
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November 7-10, 2024

If you are a graduate student interested in talking about your graduate experience via a roundtable, this session is for you! This roundtable is still seeking sessions until June 16th or when there is enough submissions to fill a roundtable. All graduate students at all stages of their degree programs are heavily encouraged to submit an abstract! If you are a graduate student interested in presenting in a traditional paper panel, do not fear. You are also allowed to present in a roundtable.

While it takes copious research to get into a graduate program, it is also impossible to fully encompass the experience of being within a graduate program from the outside looking in. Given that so much of graduate school can often be a mystery, and given that there are also many ways one can be a graduate student, those who are newer to the experience of graduate school may find themselves wondering what to do when faced with handbooks, seminar syllabi, or even teaching for the first time. While these resources from your program will always be helpful, there remain aspects of graduate education that can seem rather opaque and mysterious to the point of being intimidating.

This roundtable seeks presentations from graduate students of all stages of their current degree program or from recent graduates that can speak to the experience of being a graduate student. What did you wish you had known entering your particular program? What kinds of direct, actionable advice would you give to students either applying to graduate school or are very early-on in their programs? Presentations that aim to demystify the more opaque aspects of graduate education, which can include but are not limited to:

· Getting through your first year of graduate school

· How to foster healthy and professional relationships with faculty

· Balancing curricular and co-curricular demands

· Building community amongst graduate students (especially post-COVID)

· Publishing while being a graduate student

· Qualifying exam expectations

· The process of the dissertation

Since every graduate program is different, it would be impossible to account for every nuance within this roundtable. However, the aim is to find those strategic commonalities that graduate students do face in order to foster a productive space of helping especially early career graduate students to find their footing in their chosen program.

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