Integrating Science and Art: A Transdisciplinary Conference

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August 31, 2024
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London Arts-Based Research Centre
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“Science and Sensibility: Method Meets Art”

A Transdisciplinary Conference


October 12-13, 2024

Call for Papers


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Proposal Submission Deadline: August 31, 2024

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Venue: Association of Jungian Analysts centre, London (online option also available)

Conference fee: £180 (in person participation) or £90 (online participation)


“Art and science bear intrinsic similarities in their attempts to illuminate aspects of the human condition. Grounded in exploration, revelation, and representation, art and science work toward advancing human understanding”, Patricia Leavy, Method Meets Art.

According to Richard Dawkins, “There’s real poetry in the real world. Science is the poetry of reality”. So why are art and science sometimes considered as two separate fields, rather than two different sides of the same coin? And who says that scientists, engineers, and medical researchers take interest only in matters within the boundaries of the laboratories and hospitals? How might the perspective of art provide fresh avenues for understanding and contribute significantly to the enrichment of scientific knowledge? For poets, writers, and artists there are no such boundaries, for there is poetic wisdom in scientific knowledge, beauty in anatomy, and concepts worth celebrating in writing. And for biographers and memoirists, the medical humanities offer experiences that are worth preserving in prose. Our forthcoming conference seeks to deconstruct the common divide between two seemingly distinct disciplines of art and science, building bridges instead of boundaries, and showing the importance of creatively contemplating, cherishing, and preserving the beauty of what we learn and experience.

This conference, therefore, aims to bring together scholars, creatives, and other arts-based researchers from different disciplines working on topics related to transdisciplinarity, with a focus on the bridging of science with the arts. You may be a scientist or a medical practitioner who writes poems and stories or takes on another art (such as music, sculpture, the visual arts, etc.) or alternatively, you may be a creative inspired by science, or a practioner in a field that utilises creative approaches for scientific purposes—so the intertwining of your thoughts, ideas, and creativity are welcome, and we can’t wait to hear about your work that combines your creativity with science!

We are also greatly honoured to announce that our esteemed conference keynote speaker is bestselling author and iconic arts-based researcher, Dr. Patricia Leavy, who will be joining us in London for the event and speaking on Fiction as a Way of Knowing.

Send us your proposals by August 31st.  Presenters can either share academic papers and/or creative work (poetry, prose, photography, music, painting, etc.), as we highly encourage arts-based research. We welcome proposals from scholars (of all disciplines), creatives, graduate students, practitioners and professionals.

So whether you are working on research bridging art with creativity, or you have a piece containing astronomical images, eco-poetry, aesthetic reflections on chemicals and substances, lunar photography, artistic depictions of the human body, alchemical musings, art and arithmetic, psychological fiction (or non-fiction), an ode to omicron, or any other creative pieces arising from "scientific" inspiration, please share them with us!

We welcome 15-minute presentations on topics related (but certainly not limited to) the following fields:

-       Fiction as a mode for knowledge

-       Transdisciplinarity in its various forms

-       Music-based practices

-       A/r/tography

-       Physics as an inspiration in literature

-       Chemistry and the culinary, literary or visual arts

-       Astrophotography

-       Alchemy as an art and science

-       Psychology and the arts

-       Symbolic healing

-       Ecopoetics

-       Anatomy in painting

-       The medical humanities

-       Poetry and medicine

-       Photography and medical technology

-       Ruminations based on scientific theories

-       Space poetry

-       Art therapy

-       Music and mathematical formulas

-       Viruses and philosophy

-       The human body

-       Mental illness and the arts

-       Quantum physics and artistic expression

-       Technological advancements and their impact on artistic creation

-       Mathematical patterns in visual arts

-       Neuroscience and creativity

-       Climate change and environmental art

-       Data visualization as an art form

-       Ethical considerations in scientific art collaborations

-       Evolutionary biology and literature

-       Augmented reality and immersive storytelling

-       Artificial intelligence and its role in creative processes

-       Bioart and biotechnology in artistic practice

-       Intersection of robotics and performance art

-       Astronomy and music composition

-       Psychology of color in visual arts

-       Medical imaging techniques and artistic interpretation

-       Intersection of archaeology and art history

-       Cognitive science and theater/performance studies

-       Genetics and contemporary art practices

-       Philosophy of science and its influence on artistic discourse

-       Ecological activism through artistic interventions

-       Anthropology and the representation of cultures in art

-       Social sciences and documentary photography

-       Nanotechnology and its implications for artistic materials

-       Ethnomusicology and cultural expressions of scientific knowledge

-       Marine biology and marine-inspired art forms

Kindly fill out the proposal form ( by August 31, 2024.

For further queries, please email us on, and kindly allow us 2-3 working days to respond.

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