52nd Annual Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture

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September 16, 2024
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Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture
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FEB 17-18 – Virtual

FEB 20-22 – In-Person

Featuring Keynote Speakers




The Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture welcomes critical papers and full panel discussions about literature from the 20th and 21st centuries and its connections to other art forms and academic fields. The conference also welcomes creative submissions, such as literary compositions, videos, or hybrid genres. Additionally, critical-creative submissions exploring poetics, crafts, or writing practices are welcomed.


Confirmed LCLC52 events include The Hero Project of the Century: Tyrone Williams As iZ (Aldon Nielsen, organizer) and The Function of Music in Poetry (Adeena Karasick and Mark Scroggins, organizers).  And so much more to come! 


VENDORS and EXHIBITORS are welcome. Contact Emily Ravenscraft, Conference Coordinator at lclc@louisville.edu to learn how you can be a part of LCLC52.


Submissions are accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, and Italian. Panels involving global literature and culture in other languages are encouraged. We also encourage proposals that bring together people from different universities or organizations, with varying levels of experience in academia, and from various fields of study. Recent society participants include the African American Literature & Culture Society, Charles Olson Society, E.E. Cummings Society, International Harold Pinter Society, International Lawrence Durrell Society, International Virginia Woolf Society, Iris Murdoch Society, T.S. Eliot Society, among others.


Conference registrants may participate in up to two of the following activities: (1) a critical, critical-creative, or group/society panel; (2) a creative session; (3) or as the leader of a seminar. Additionally, registrants may also chair one or more panels, as well as participate in seminars.  Submissions are limited to one entry per category.


Deadline for submissions is 11:59 P.M. EST on September 16, 2024.



Email submissions to lclc@louisville.edu

Please use Subject line exactly:

LCLC52 Submission, [type and preference of Virtual or In-Person presentation]

Example: LCLC52 Submission, Roundtable Session – Virtual

                LCLC52 Submission, Individual Creative – In-Person


Submission Components:

Individual Critical / Critical-Creative Submissions

Please send as 2 separate attachments

1) Cover sheet: Name as it is to appear in program with any institutional affiliation, Paper Title, and a biographical statement (250 words).

2) Abstract: be sure to omit all references to the author and the author’s name (250-300 words).


Individual Creative Submissions

Please send as 2 separate attachments

1) Cover Sheet: Name as it is to appear in program with any institutional affiliation, Title of Work Submitted, and a biographical statement (250 words).

2) Writing Sample: suitable for a 15-20 minute presentation.


Full Panels, Roundtables, and Societies Sessions (single panels or streams) Submissions:

Sessions are to be designed for a 90-minute time slot. The organizer should submit the following documents:

Please send as 2 separate attachments

1) Cover Sheet: Names and Institutional Affiliations, Titles of Work Submitted, biographical statements.

2) Dependent on the subject of the submission please submit either:

a)  Abstract: be sure to omit all references to the author and the author’s name (250-300 words).

B) Writing Sample: suitable for a 15-20 minute presentation



These 120 minutes sessions typically feature informal conversation moderated by the seminar leader(s) on the topic and or activity. If you wish to propose a seminar for LCLC52, contact the conference coordinator, Emily Ravenscraft, and we will evaluate it in advance of our second CFP (to be circulated in August 2024). Below are seminars already accepted. All seminars will be presented in-person. Each has it’s own process for submission, so please read carefully.



Translation Chapbook Workshop and Reading

Dr. Mark Mattes & Dr. Clare Sullivan

Participants will take part in a bookbinding workshop led by Dr. Mattes of Louisville-based Hot Brown Press and create chapbooks of their translations. All tools and materials will be provided. Then, in a subsequent panel, chapbook contributors will share their work and participate in a group discussion led by LCLC committee member Dr. Clare Sullivan. Participants should submit 1) Cover sheet and 2) Sample of original, unpublished translations into English from any language. Limit your selection to 150 words - excerpts are fine. Include the source text with your submission and a brief citation.



Poetry, Games, and Magic

Dr. Brandon Harwood & Dr. Robert Eric Shoemaker

This seminar explores the interplay between poetry, magic, and games. What similarities (practical and theoretical) may be drawn from these fields? How can the poetics of play, or the magic circle of the video game, inform our understanding and practice of each? What do today's multimedia games and poetries say about or to ancient rituals, sociocultural stratification, or morality and purity rules? What openings do we see in language and culture to bend rules in order to break open systems? Participants should submit 1) Cover sheet and 2) Abstract touching at least two of these fields: game studies, poetry/poetics, and the magical/occult.



Pandemic Studies

Martha Greenwald, Seminar Leader

Participants will pursue the imaginative structures, disputed narratives, cross-pollinating conspiracies, and contested knowledge used to make sense of COVID-19 as well as other past, contemporaneous, or future pandemics. As we accept that life now is increasingly lived with the COVID-19 virus as a normalized and never-ending event, narrative frameworks and perspectives of the pandemic experience have shifted. We seek surprising, ambitious, and provocative responses. Contributions that introduce fiction, poetry and/or interdisciplinary examinations of pandemic studies including linguistics, art, anthropology, and history are welcome. Participants should submit 1) Cover sheet and 2) Abstract.



Deadline for early bird pricing is midnight January 31, 2025.


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