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September 15, 2024
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Culture and Dialogue
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Culture and Dialogue provides a forum for researchers from philosophy as well as other disciplines who study cultural formations dialogically, through comparative analysis, or within the tradition of hermeneutics. The journal publishes one volume of two issues each year. One issue welcomes manuscripts that consider the broad theme of “culture and dialogue” in all its forms, from all perspectives, and through all methods. The other issue is thematic and seeks to bring manuscripts together with a common denominator such as “Philosophy and the Dialogue,” “Art in Conversation,” “Comparing Cultures,” or “Dialogical Ethics.” The theme of the thematic issue is announced through dedicated calls for papers.


The journal seeks submissions on the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. Among relevant topics are:

  • The nature of AI

  • Computational Theory of Mind

  • Strong and Weak AI

  • Ethics of AI and robotics

  • Surveillance and privacy

  • Bias in decision systems

  • Opacity

  • Machine Ethics

  • Consciousness

  • Creativity

  • Catastrophism

  • Human/robot interaction and dialogue

  • AI and philosophy of economics (employment, automation)

  • AI and philosophy of education (teaching, learning)

  • AI, art and aesthetics

  • Non-western philosophical perspectives on AI

  • Cultural and dialogical aspects

  • AI and science-fiction

  • The future of AI 

Essays should normally be between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length and written according to the specifications of The Chicago Manual of Style. The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2024.Please submit prospective papers via our submission portal:


All information can be found at: