Surrealism and Arts-Based Research: Bridging the Imagination and Reality Divide

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August 20, 2024
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London Arts-Based Research Centre
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Surrealism and Arts-Based Research
Bridging the Imagination and Reality Divide
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Conference Dates: September 30-October 1, 2024
Location: Online

Proposal Deadline: August 20, 2024
Conference fee: 90 GBP

Call for Papers

André Breton, one of the founding figures of Surrealism, emphasizes the transformative and disruptive power of Surrealist art and thought in his famous quote:

“Beauty will be convulsive, or it will not be at all.”

And this is precisely what we are inviting you to explore with us!

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming conference, Surrealism and Arts-Based Research: Bridging the Imagination and Reality Divide, where we will delve into the captivating and enigmatic world of Surrealism across multiple disciplines. This transdisciplinary conference invites scholars, creatives, researchers, and practitioners to explore the enigmatic, the dreamlike, and the fantastical in their respective fields through the lens of Surrealism. We aim to come together to explore, discuss, and unveil the depths of the unconscious mind as it manifests in surrealist creativity and extends into various aspects of human existence.

Surrealism, with its roots in the early 20th century, continues to inspire and challenge artists and scholars across a wide range of disciplines. We welcome papers that explore the fusion of Surrealism and arts-based research in areas including but not limited to:

• Poetry: Analyzing how Surrealism influences poetic expression, language play, and the boundaries of meaning.

• Filmmaking: Exploring the use of Surrealist elements in cinema, animation, and experimental film.

• Visual Art and Sculpture: Investigating Surrealist techniques, symbolism, and the portrayal of the subconscious in painting and sculpture.

• Photography: Examining Surrealism in photographic art, from Man Ray to contemporary photographers.

• Music: Exploring Surrealism in music composition, lyrics, and performance.

• Fashion: Investigating Surrealism’s influence on fashion design and surreal fashion photography.

• Psychology: Discussing the intersection of Surrealism and psychology, particularly in the study of dreams, archetypes, and the unconscious mind.

• Science: Examining how Surrealism has influenced scientific thought, particularly in fields like neuroscience and psychology.

• Architecture: Investigating Surrealism’s impact on architectural design and theory.

• Digital Media: Exploring Surrealism in digital art, virtual reality, and online communities.

• Transdisciplinary Approaches: Papers that integrate Surrealism into multiple disciplines, fostering new perspectives and dialogues.

Please fill out the proposal form using the link below by August 20, 2024

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