C19 Podcast: Call for Proposals

deadline for submissions: 
September 1, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
C19 Podcast
contact email: 

The C19 Podcast invites proposals from individuals and collaborators of all ranks for single podcast episodes that offer creative, story-driven analysis of topical events that spark connections to nineteenth-century America. We are especially interested in episodes that help make both the nineteenth-century and the specific disciplinary knowledge of our scholarly community legible and exciting to a wide audience.  As our podcast grows, we seek to expand its potential to engage diverse publics in the civic and cultural life of the past.

Have you thought about how you might showcase your scholarly work in this medium? This podcast exists for and because of people like you—and we need your pitches as we move into our ninth season! For inspiration or examples of the range of projects we are interested in highlighting, please listen to our previous seasons. 

We accept proposals year-round! Proposal review for Season 9 will begin on September 1, 2024.

No previous experience with podcasting is required. Although contributors will be expected to record and produce their own audio files, the C19 Podcast Subcommittee will assign you a producer to help guide the technical and creative development of your episode. Requests for significant production assistance should be noted in the proposal.

We seek proposals on any topic related to long nineteenth-century American literature, culture, and history. Episode topics might include:

●       Archival discoveries

●       Understudied or non-canonical authors or figures

●       New approaches to canonical literary or historical texts or figures

●       Explorations of sites, landscapes, memorials, or collections of historic or literary significance

●       Literary adaption or depictions of nineteenth-century America in popular culture

●       Personal narratives of reading or writing

●       Discussions of new books in the field, current  scholarly trends, or recent publications

●       Models of interdisciplinary collaboration or engagement

●       Reports on academic activism, pedagogy, and inclusion, past and present

●       Considerations of current political, cultural, and social developments in the context of the nineteenth century

●       Timely environmental, social, cultural, or political events that resonate with nineteenth-century debates, discoveries, aesthetics, or action

Possible formats may include (but are not limited to) narrative expositions, interviews, textual analyses, or panel discussions. Strong proposals will be anchored in a central argument or query and feature a compelling narrative arc so as to appeal to both scholarly and public audiences.

Applications should include (1) a proposal (max 500 words), (2) CV(s), and (3) an outline defining the proposed structure of the episode. Successful proposals will address the following: the episode’s topic and relevance; the plan for adapting the topic to the podcast medium (approximately 30-45 minute episode); the episode format (roundtable, interview, storytelling, etc.) with a general overview of the structure; and relevant scholarly and technical qualifications related to the subject. The outline (1 page) should demonstrate the structure of the proposed episode and may include sample questions for interviews, a preliminary script, additional participants (if applicable), and pertinent logistics. Please note any relevant information about access to resources, equipment, timetables, or technical help you anticipate needing in this process.

Submissions or questions should be addressed to co-chairs Ashley Rattner (Jacksonville State University) and Ryan Charlton (Georgia State University) at c19podcast@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you!