Creatures of Habit: the Animal in Latin American Literature

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September 30, 2024
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NeMLA Conference
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From Aura’s surreal rabbit to rather unsettling Birds in the Mouth, animals have surfaced as important figures throughout Latin American literature, serving as powerful symbols, metaphors, and subjects of moral consideration. They have been depicted as divine beings, companions, victims, and agents of resistance, often challenging anthropocentric worldviews and inviting us to reconsider our place in the more-than-human world. This panel aims to explore the aesthetic, ethical, and political dimensions of animal representations in Latin American thought and culture.


We invite papers that engage with the philosophical and literary treatment of animals in Latin America. Topics may include:

The role of animals in Latin American cosmologies and indigenous philosophies

Animal metaphors and allegories in Latin American literature

The ethics of animal representation in Latin American art and culture

Ecofeminist approaches to Latin American animal studies

Animals and the critique of anthropocentrism in Latin American thought

The politics of species in Latin American contexts: animals, race, and coloniality

*Proposals are accepted both in English and Spanish.