NeMLA 2024: Literature of Impact- Literary (R)evolutions of the Oppressed

deadline for submissions: 
October 5, 2024
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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Call for Papers: NeMLA’s 56th annual Convention

Dates: March 6-9, 2024

Location: La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 16th, 2024

Panel Title: Literature of Impact- Literary (R)evolutions of the Oppressed

Panel Description: 

Literature, in its many forms, has impacted the evolution of social movements, historical events, and other transformative phenomena. Language and literature were effective colonizing tools used to subjugate entire civilizations by establishing systems of oppression legitimized by writing (Mignolo). However, literature by the oppressed can also act subversively against the same oppressive methods it had been used to promote. Thus, literary movements such as decolonial and revolutionary literature, literature of the silenced, and critical fabulations (Saidiya Hartman) create spaces for the subaltern to bend or break the structures of systemic oppression.


The present panel is specifically interested in receiving papers, projects, and creative works that delve into the transformative power of literature. We welcome submissions that focus on the impact of literature in revolutionizing pre-established systems of oppression and colonized spaces, as well as those that explore literature that revindicates the power of the silenced, displaced, and colonized. We encourage contributors to consider questions such as how literature has influenced war, morality, political ideologies, colonial structures, liberation movements, and other historical turning points, and how it can restore memory.


Topics may include but are not limited to:

-Decolonial Literature

-Literature by oppressed and minoritized groups

-Works of Critical Fabulation

- Remembrance and Recognition Literature

-Literature of Displacement and Genocide

-Literature of (r)evolutionary movements

-Creative works about resistance or the evolution of social movements. 

Abstract Submission Format: 

Each abstract submission must include:

A title of no more than 80 characters

An abstract of 200 to 300 words

A brief bio

Media needs (no media required OR projector/screen--laptop not provided)

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