"Multiple Perspectives On Collecting and the Collection" (Journal Issue, deadline 6/30/2009)

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María M. Andrade, Universidad de los Andes. Francisco Morán, Southern Methodist University
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Collections and collecting occupy an important place in the development of modern culture, both at the personal and communal level. "Who collects?", "what does s/he collect?", "why does s/he do it?", and "what meanings are assigned to the act of collecting?" are questions which have significant implications for the construction of individual and communal identities, and in which the fields of aesthetics, ethics, politics, and erotics inter-cross. The next number of the journal "La Habana elegante" will include a special dossier with reflections on the topic of collecting, and it invites authors from the fields of literature, history, cultural studies, and other areas to send essays for their review, before the deadline of June 30, 2009.

Essays must be written in Microsoft Word, be up to 20 pages long, double-spaced, and they must be sent as an attachment. For a complete description of the format, please refer to http://www.habanaelegante.com/

La Habana elegante is an online journal with an eleven-year tradition of publishing in the fields of Latin American literary studies, especially modernismo. Now, in order to inaugurate its new identity as a peer-reviewed journal listed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals, it is broadening its scope to include reflections on culture and aesthetics, in both English and Spanish.

Please send essays to the guest editor:
María Mercedes Andrade
Profesora Asociada,
Departamento de Humanidades y Literatura
Bogotá, Colombia