TV Series in the World: Changing Places / Places of Exchange – 15-16-17June 2011, University of Le Havre, France

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Groupe de Recherche Identités et Cultures, University of Le Havre
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This interdisciplinary conference aims at examining the TV series of/in different countries (USA, UK, France, Spain, Hispanic America, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, Canada, Oceania, Africa …) through the prisms of exchange, transposition and transfer. We welcome a variety of approaches – aesthetic, narrative, linguistic, cultural, ideological, historical, geographical… – in order to explore the following aspects:

- the geographical spaces in the narratives: their articulation and their implications, the function of recurring places, the role of meeting places, of sites of exchange and confrontation ; the representation of mobility (travel and displacement, migration, political exodus, homecoming, intrusion, settling in) and of enclosure (separation, exclusion);

- the ideological stakes of spatial representations: places shown/hidden, negative/positive visions, utopian/dystopian uses, social realism; exaltation of the picturesque/the exotic;

- the influence of the local context of creation (conditions of production, shooting locations, sets, scripts…); the circulation and reception of a series in different countries (cultural imperialism or cross-exchange, geopolitical issues, export strategies, broadcasting, interpretation and criticism…);

- the comparison of a TV series with other versions of it in different countries (translation, relocation, appropriation and adaptation to cultural specificities);

- cultural intertexts and transfers within series (cultural references, processes of re-mediation: transpositions of novels, comics and films into TV series, and vice versa).

Each talk will last 30 minutes and will be followed by a 10-minute question time. Selected and peer-reviewed proceedings will be published in the new journal TV/Series.

Please send a 300-word abstract and a 100-word biographical note (in French or in English) to Sarah Hatchuel ( and Sylvaine Bataille ( by 15 October 2010.