Open Call for Papers for the Inaugural Issue of Ellipsis...A Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Humanities

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Ellipsis...A Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Humanities

Ellipsis... is an online, peer reviewed journal that can be viewed here:

Ellipsis... was founded at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, and functions as an independent, international, undergraduate humanities research journal.

Ellipsis... is currently launching its first volume and is looking for papers from undergraduates and those who have graduated within the last year.

Ellipsis... provides undergraduates with a place to publish, a place to learn, explore, and discuss new ways of looking at research.

-Papers should be between 10 and 15 pages and be accompanied by an abstract no longer than 250 words.

-All papers should be written in MLA format.

-For the purpose of Ellipsis..., "Humanities" refers to, but is not necessarily limited to: Art/ Art History, Aesthetic, Classics, Communications, Composition, English Studies, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, Gender Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music/ Music History, Philosophy, Popular Culture Studies, Rhetoric, Semiotics, Speech, Theatre, Theology, Theory, Women's Studies.

-As a journal for Undergraduate research, submitters should be students at an Undergraduate level of study or have graduated less than a year ago and be submitting work done as part of their undergraduate level.

-"Research" constitutes original, scholarly work with inclusion of multiple source materials, preferably utilizing primary sources. Papers submitted that are only based on tertiary sources will not be accepted.

Please view link for a the full guidelines and forms for download:

Any questions can be addressed to Patricia, our editor, at