Call for Contributors: Theatrical World(s): An Open Source Theatre Textbook

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Dr. Charlie Mitchell (Editor)

Theatrical World(s): An Open Source Theatre Textbook (To be published by the University Press of Florida)

Edited by Dr. Charlie Mitchell, University of Florida

Contributors are needed to write chapters for a scholarly, peer-reviewed, professionally-edited, open source textbook that can be used for introductory theatre courses. Once completed, the book will be available for free under a Creative Commons License which credits the original authors when changes or inserts are made and does not allow for commercial profit. Once available, students would have a variety of options — purchase a paperback copy from the UP of Florida, view the text online, print the chapters themselves, or have a bound book created for as little as $15 through online services.

Chapters will cover theatrical process (playwriting, acting, directing, and design) and special topics (genres, musical theatre, world and multicultural theatre). However, this "modular" open source version will allow educators to rearrange, add or subtract text to suit the needs of their course providing a degree of flexibility not found in the old publishing model. In addition to creating an important new tool for educators, this work could provide some relief to economically disadvantaged students who too often have to bear the brunt of inflated textbook prices.

Authors interested in the project should have taught or be very familiar with the demands/curriculum of an introductory theatre course. Chapters yet to be assigned can be found by going to and viewing the Chapter Annotation.

Please send a CV and contact information to by May 31.