Update/ "Science, Art, and Gender in the Global Rise of Indigenous Languages" (26-29 October 2011,

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university of jendouba
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Call for Papers:
"Science, Art, and Gender in the Global Rise of Indigenous Languages" (26-29 October 2011,
Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Jendouba, Jendouba University).
Deadline for proposals extended to July 10th 2011
CFP: In an extension of the extremely successful symposium held at the University of Haute Alsace, France 18-20 March 2011, titled "Asian American Literature and Maxine Hong Kingston's Legacy", the University of Jendouba co-organizes with UHA an International Conference, titled "Science, Art, and Gender in The Global Rise of Indigenous Languages" to be held in Jendouba, 26-29 October 2011, paying homage to the Tunisian Revolution in January 2011 and honoring the presence, participation and related works of Noam Chomsky and Maxine Hong Kingston (on the usage board of The American Heritage Dictionary of The American Language). The aim of the conference is to address indigenous issues, while also remaining within the continuity of Maxine Hong Kingston's gender-sensitive literature.
The encounter shall examine the contemporary rise of fully indigenous languages and dialects surviving up and through colonial, technological, mercantile, religious and other dominating languages. All suggestions in relation to these issues are welcome, though we are particularly interested in papers falling under the following panels:
-What makes an indigenous language indigenous?
-Legacy and residuals of indigenous languages from Britain to Brittany, Turkey to Tunisia, Algeria to America.
-Relationship between Arabic and Berber in North Africa.
-Gender issues and representations in literatures about indigenous languages and people.
-Indigenous resistance.
-The School of Genetic Linguistics/ Linguistic Genetics and new colonialism.
-The colonial language layers on indigenous linguistic treasures.
-Similarities between Algonquian Blackfoot and Cree with Hawaiian and Uto-Aztecan.
-Perils and promises of Indigenous languages of the Americas.

Confirmed speakers and paper-providers include Noam Chomsky (who will be at the conference by way of his paper, and possibly by way of a teleconferencing or skyping process), Maxine Hong Kingston, Louis Buff Parry, Yann Kerdiles, Sämi Ludwig, Edward Sklepowich, Mounir Triki, Abderrezak Dourari, Nessima Tarchouna, Leona Makokis/Leona Carter, Lynn Hannachi, Crystal S. Bull and Lewis Cardinal.
To submit a proposal, please email in a word format an abstract (150 words including the title) and a brief biography (50 words) no later than July 10th 2011 to the following contacts:
-Louis Buff Parry: info@louisbuffparry.com
-Sihem Arfaoui Abidi: aa_sassou@yahoo.com
June 512th notification of selection.
October 24th complete papers.
Please visit the website of the University of Jendouba here www.uj.rnu.tn or also http://www.uj.rnu.tn/
Confirmed sponsors (to date): Jendouba University, Tunisia; University of Haute Alsace, France; the Indigenous Media Institute, Canada; and the Turkish Canadian Society, Alberta, Canada.