Underground in Legend and Tradition: 1-2 September 2012 at Matlock Bath Pavilion, Derbyshire, UK

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Folklore Society

Underground in Legend and Tradition: the seventh Folklore Society Legendary Weekend

CALL FOR PAPERS 1 June 2010 for conference on 1-2 September 2012 at Matlock Bath Pavilion, Derbyshire, UK

What lies beneath? We walk on the crust, above a hollow earth where dragons of the elder time live on, and the ground splits to gulp down a flagrant sinner or a wicked town. One step down are the caves that open on plains of eternal summer when the upper world is stiff with snow. Here is a vault for hellfire rakes and their subterranean antics, there a rock-cut shelter where a hermit seals himself with everlasting silence; and, opening off these, dim caverns going deeper into darkness and fire, where demons squat on rusty chests of gold and the white-haired king of the first age mutters in his sleep. Meanwhile in the subterranean kingdoms excavated by human moles, secret tunnels run into a private world underground where smugglers, spies and renegade priests go about their business beneath the city streets. The triumphs of engineering yield to old darkness when the omens come true; the rock roof cracks and trembles overhead, and death is the miner's wage.

This two-day conference on Underground in Legend and Tradition will be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 2012 as the seventh Legendary Weekend of the Folklore Society at the Pavilion in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire – home of the Peak District Mining Museum. We'd like to hear from anyone who can contribute to the underground theme: folklorists, engineers, storytellers, social historians, speleologists, demonologists, anthropologists, and historians. Presentations, which should be 20 minutes long, can take the form of talks, performances, or DVD. The main event will take place on Saturday with additional material including a tour of the nearby Magpie Mine on Sunday.

If you would like to attend or to present a paper or performance, please contact:

Jeremy Harte , Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1UF, Tel. 00 44 (0)20 8394 1734