Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium

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University of Southern Indiana
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You are cordially invited to submit abstracts and/or panel suggestions for an international scholarly conference devoted to the life, work, and influence of Bruce Springsteen. To submit an abstract, please go to and click on the abstract link.

The conference, organized by the University of Southern Indiana, Monmouth University and Penn State Altoona, will be held at Monmouth University in northern New Jersey from September 14-16, 2012. The festivities will include various live acts, as well as keynote addresses by rock critics and figures from the music industry.

Papers will be considered for, but certainly not limited to, the session rubrics below. Full-panel submissions are also encouraged. The deadline for paper submission is April 30, 2012.

Springsteen and Innovation
Clarence Clemons: A Chapter Closed and the Challenge of Moving On
Exploring "Wrecking Ball"
Springsteen and the Black Preaching Tradition
Springsteen and the Legacy of Woody Guthrie
Springsteen and Philanthropy
Springsteen and the Art of Keeping it Real
Springsteen and the Art and Technique of Recording
Springsteen: Survival on the Road
Springsteen and the Desire to Keep On Keeping On
Springsteen in the 21st Century
Springsteen and Storytelling
Springsteen as Narrative Poet
Springsteen and Gender
Springsteen and Law and Order
Springsteen and Film/Video
Springsteen and Psychology
Springsteen and Pedagogy
Springsteen and the Role of the Artist
Springsteen's Musical Influences/Contemporaries
Springsteen on War
Springsteen and Community
Springsteen and American Roots Traditions
Springsteen and Mortality, Absence and Loss
Springsteen and Sense of Place
Springsteen: Balancing Career and Family
Springsteen's Influence: Extending to Sports, Youth and the Politics of Culture
Springsteen's Version of the American Dream
Springsteen and the Art of Staying Relevant
Springsteen and Transcendence/Performance
Springsteen: Relevance, Iconography and Performance
Springsteen and Critical Theory
Springsteen's Influences and Springsteen Influenced: New Jersey and Beyond
Springsteen and Politics/Activism
Springsteen and Religion/Spirituality
Springsteen and Work and Class
Springsteen and Alienation, Loss and Disability
Springsteen's Influence on Both International and U.S. Fans

To submit an abstract, please go to and click on the abstract link.

For more information, contact:

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Associate Provost for Outreach and Engagement
University of Southern Indiana
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