CFP: academic reviews of / responses to Punchdrunk's SLEEP NO MORE (New York City run), due June 23, 2012

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Borrowers & Lenders, the Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation
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Borrowers & Lenders, The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation, is soliciting contributors to a composite (and possibly collaborative) review of Punchdrunk's New York City production of Sleep No More, an ongoing interactive performance project based on Macbeth. Meant in part to accommodate and record the experience of attending this production, this composite review will attempt to capture the dynamic in which each audience member's participation in the performance yields a unique dramatic experience.

Contributors will be asked to respond to their experience of the production in whatever format they like (we can accommodate most audio, video, and graphic media). B&L performance reviews typically eschew standard, evaluative responses to productions in favor of thesis-driven commentary, and such a model would be welcome here, though not strictly required. The project will use a wiki space, and contributors will have the option to post drafts of their responses and then to revise them (or not) at any point during the submission window, April 23 – June 23, 2012. All posted contributions will be visible to other contributors for the duration of the submission window. Contributors will also have the option to remain anonymous. Responses should run 1,000 - 3,000 words and will be subject to editing for length and content.

If you are interested, please contact the Appropriations in Performance editor, Matt Kozusko, at