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Call for Papers

Editor : Dr Alka Singh

Assistant Professor of English, Department of Humanities and Other Studies
Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow
LDA Scheme, Kanpur Road, Lucknow, UP, India Pin- 226012

Early societies had rigid roles for men and women with attributes, labeled as being masculine and feminine. Man was considered as provider of basic necessities for family, and woman as the child bearer and caretaker of home. Till recently women were accorded the role of the inferior sex and prized possession of man. The changes and flexibility in gender roles which are being evident today has its roots in the changing social structure.
While the acceptance of man's gender role has been willingly taken up by women, the same does not always hold true for men. The present scenario is still that while a girl is groomed to become an efficient career woman as well as an efficient house maker, men are expected to excel mainly in professional fields. The situation is that while any effort from men to undertake a domestic job is welcomed and assisted by their counterparts, any such effort by women in the professional field is still seen as a threat to male supremacy. Hence men do not have to struggle hard to prove their worth, women most of the times have to work harder to prove not just that they are efficient but that they can work much harder, and deliver the results.
Lately the domain of feminism has expanded to include the social and professional fields, traditional notions about gender roles are undergoing transformation that has been mainly because of education. An open and educated society is paving the way for role-swapping which seems to be gaining ground in the highly demanding developmental social structure. Domestic life has become almost unthinkable without flexibility in gender roles. While men are beginning to shed their inhibitions about working in the kitchen women are already working late hours. The changing trends are reflected in men and women taking up unconventional work such as pilots and astronauts while men are honing their skills as chefs and fashion designers.
Changing roles to accommodate the social or professional pressures has become a common phenomenon. However it is in the urban centers that the flexibility is most evident. The rural society though in transition has a long way to go in this context. The flexibility in gender roles needs to be taken to the extent where finally the concept of respective gender roles is done away with.
The proposed book (Collection of essays) is open to scholarly papers on different aspects of Gender roles in postmodern world as mentioned above, and from any other perspective.
Full-text manuscripts between 3,000 and 8,000 words in MLA style (with parenthetical internal citations, a Works Cited page, minimal footnotes, and in Times New Roman 12-point font), should be emailed as Microsoft Word attachments to:
Last Date for a 200 words abstract: November 30, 2012
Last Date for Full Paper: March 30, 2013.
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