BAKEA Symposium of Western Cultural and Literary Studies on History 9-11 Oct 2013

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in collaboration with
Pamukkale University
invites you to the
3rd International
Symposium of Western Cultural and Literary Studies
9-11 October 2013
Gaziantep, Turkey

The BAKEA Symposium is a biennial symposium organized by Pamukkale University. This year it will be organized jointly by Pamukkale and Gaziantep Universities and hosted by Gaziantep University.

BAKEA welcomes papers and panel proposals from researchers in the fields of English, American, French and German Cultures and Literatures

The relation between historical study and the practice and study of literature is a tense one, with both disciplines existing symbiotically with each other and rejecting and overriding one another: to historicise is to override literature, while to aestheticise can be to ignore historical contexts and historiography. With this conference the interdependent, interpenetrating and contradictory disciplines of history and literature will be celebrated.

This conference solicits proposals for papers by researchers and scholars in the fields of English, American, French and German Cultures and Literatures that examine the role of history in literature and the relationship between history and literature to be presented at a three-day conference held between the ninth and eleventh of October 2013, at Gaziantep University in Gaziantep, Turkey.
The BAKEA Symposium welcomes papers and/or panel proposals that cover, though are not limited to, one or more of the following topics:
• Contemporary history and the future of memory
• The end of history
• Conflicting histories
• Apocryphal history
• Remembering vs. forgetting
• Biography vs. autobiography
• Private histories
• Metahistory
• The conjunction of theory and history
• Historicism and Anti-Historicism
• History as fiction/fiction as history
• Fiction and poetry as historiography
• Linguistic approaches to historical texts
• Historiography and narratology
• Any other issues relating to literature and history
Deadline for proposals:
30 April 2013
Proposals should be 250 words in length and should be sent, with a brief biography and contact details, to by the 30th of April 2013.
Accepted papers will be announced on the 6th of June 2013.