Fall Stories Conference — 18th-19th June 2014

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Zohar Hadroi-Allouche / University of Aberdeen
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A Call For Papers

Fall narratives: an interdisciplinary perspective

18th-19th June 2014, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

As the 340th anniversary of John Milton's death approaches, we seek to explore the theme of the Fall in a diverse, interdisciplinary context.

The conference, which is organised with the intention of leading to a publication of proceedings, will examine the concept of the Fall across a range of disciplines and languages. The temporal scope extends from antiquity to contemporary times.

We welcome proposals with research interest such as, but not limited to, Literature, Religion, Languages, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Art, Film and Visual Culture, Cultural Studies and Economics.

Potential topics include (but again, are not limited to) the following:

* Milton and Paradise Lost
* Concept of moral and philosophical Falls
* Fall of angels (and demons)
* Adam and Eve
* Religious falls
* Literary falls
* Cinematic falls
* Contemporary falls: in finances, politics, media, sports, entertainment etc.
* Fall of empires: historical, economical, cultural.
* Fall of regimes
* Fall of ideologies, ideas, world views, political/ religious movements, etc.
* The linguistics of falling
* The psychology of falling

Abstracts of approximately 200 words should be sent to:

Dr Zohar Hadromi-Allouche and Dr Áine Larkin

Deadline for submission is 31st March 2013.

Should you have questions about the conference or the submissions, please contact the organisers at