Classroom assignments relating Shakespeare to "classics" - to be compiled as a chapter in a forthcoming Ashgate companion volume

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Nick Moschovakis and Sean Keilen
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The editors of The Ashgate Research Companion to Shakespeare and Classical Literature (forthcoming 2016) welcome brief submissions of 700 words or fewer for a multiauthored compilation of classroom assignments relating Shakespeare's drama and poetry to classical works or traditions — or, alternatively, to the idea of "classics" or "a classic." By "classics" we do not mean only texts from ancient Greece or Rome (though we do, of course, mean those). Rather, eligible "classics" in our broad sense may be found in any canon of verse, drama, narrative, or even music and visual art that has exerted large cultural influence or carried high cultural prestige — from Egypt and Israel to China, India, Japan, and beyond. The resulting pedagogically oriented resource will constitute a chapter in the Companion. It may also become available separately as a standalone resource for instructors in universities, colleges, and even high schools. Accordingly, this request for submissions is open to secondary as well as post-secondary teachers. To provide context, prospective authors should cast their submissions in narrative form, articulating an assigment's immediate and ultimate objectives. Please save your submission as a Microsoft Word XP or 2007 file and attach it in an email to Nick Moschovakis: his address is [his surname only] at gmail dot com. Submissions are due by January 31, 2014.