[UPDATE] Writing Spaces in the University - Deadline 11/15/13

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ACLA 2014 Meeting

In Pascalian Meditations Pierre Bourdieu implies that the acquisition of cultural capital through the exercise of academic discourse simultaneously devalues alternative discourses. Given that academic discourse underwrites the University as a privileged site of inquiry, how might academic discourse operate as a dominant discourse, or with respect to the Western university a colonial discourse, that erases modes of inquiry governed by the rules of other discourses? Does—or can—the University (e)valu(at)e discourses in opposition to academic discourse? Are academic and oppositional discourses mutually definitive? This session invites proposals of critical, creative, and pedagogical projects that advance inquiry by describing and/or demonstrating oppositional discourse.

To submit a proposal for this seminar, please visit the ACLA website: http://acla.org/acla2014/annual-meeting-theme/

Deadline for proposals: November 15, 2013.