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Södertörn University

Although autobiographical writing has ancient origins, the term 'autobiography' itself has only been in use since the late eighteenth century. Theories about autobiographical writing have been developed even more recently. Whereas early autobiographical writing was often either self-celebrating (res gestae) or self-justifying (apologiae), Augustine's Confessions marked a turning point. The contemporary study of autobiography encompasses a broad variety of research perspectives. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore a broad variety of ideas within the field of autobiography. We invite papers and presentations on the following or related topics:

Spiritual Autobiographies
Self-representational Writing
Online Writing of the Self
Fictional Autobiographies
Fake Autobiographies
Autobiography in Cartoons
Autobiography in Dance and Film
Postcolonial Autobiography
Celebrity Autobiographies
Autobiography and Gender
Indigenous Autobiography
Autobiographies of 'ordinary people'
Therapeutic autobiography
Autobiography in Translation