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Fordham University Graduate Student Association
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Inequality has marked human existence and its effects have been felt worldwide. Academics and public intellectuals have pursued the causes and effects of inequalities through academia and the public sphere. The concepts and realities of inequality have been much examined through the lenses of literature, philosophy, theology, sociology, political science, economics, and psychology. From the ancient to modern analyses of the subject, the interpretation of equality and inequality has evolved, but inequality has always been a central theme of academic discourse. This conference will explore inequality as it impels us forward in our pursuit of an end that may ultimately be unattainable.
We invite papers and panel/session proposals from all disciplines focusing on works from any period that explore inequality as it is discussed in literature, philosophy, theory, art, film, science, or society and its effects on the study of the same. Possible topics falling under this heading include, but are not limited to: Pedagogy; Gender; Race; Education; Representation; Love; Death; Science; and Society.

To submit to the conference please go to our website ( ) and follow the directions.
Panel/Session Proposals due by: January 19th*
Individual Paper Abstracts due by: February 16th

please email with any questions.