Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, Issue 13.3

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Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture


Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, Issue 13.3


Artwork by Toni Simon

Special Section on "Digital Narcissisms" edited by Kane Faucher with articles by Faucher, Tara Brabazon, Evgeniya Boklage, Delores Phillips, and Kevin Moberly

Science Fictions by Marleen Barr and James H. Clinton

Articles by Sigmund Shen, Muneer Aram Kuzhiyan, Anh Hua, Kane Faucher, Elaine LaForteza, and Sébastien Lefait.

Review Essays by Marc Oullette, Salma Monani, and Miranda Brady

Book Reviews by Fariba NoorBakhsh and Anthony T. Sansone

Technical Editor: Joe McDermott


In addition our desire to receive submissions for open issues (see below), we are still accepting submissions for the following special issues.

Reconstruction 14.3: Spatial Literary Studies
Edited by Robert T. Tally Jr., due March 15, 2014

Reconstruction 15.1: Resisting and Reproducing: Reconstructing the matrix of sexual politics in Greater China and Singapore
Edited by Chiu Man-chung, due May 15, 2014

Reconstruction 15.2: Immersion and Intervention: Convergences in Art and Science Research
Edited by Hervé Regnauld and Alan Ramón Clinton

15.3: Regional Approaches to Queer Asian Cinema
Edited by James Wren, due July 1 2014

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